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Books in English

Portal Books have published the following books in English.

398,00 kr

ISBN: 9788283140996

The Agrarian Life of the North

249,00 kr

ISBN: 9788283141054

Childhood Obesity

349,00 kr

ISBN: 9788283140958

Recovering from a disaster

349,00 kr

ISBN: 9788283140750

The Gift of the Lord's Supper

349,00 kr

ISBN: 9788283140590

Out of the Shadows

299,00 kr

ISBN: 9788283140316

One Size Does Not Fit All

249,00 kr

ISBN: 978-82-8314-026-2

Max. My Father

329,00 kr

ISBN: 9788283140125

The Child Who Doesn't Speak

299,00 kr

ISBN: 9788283140064

Female Voices and Religious Identity

299,00 kr

ISBN: 978-82-92712-98-6

Special Needs Education in Mathematics

349,00 kr

ISBN: 9788292712801

Beat Lives. 13 San Fransisco-Based Artists of the Fifties.

330,00 kr

ISBN: 978-82-92712-72-6

Attending to Silence. Educators and Philosophers on the Art of Listening.

349,00 kr

ISBN: 978-82-92712-18-4

Norway. Society and Culture, 2nd edition

349,00 kr

ISBN: 9788292712757

Transnational and Historical Perspectives on Global Health, Welfare and Humanitarianism